Plus Size Women and White

Wearing white can be nerve wracking for plus size women. After all the rule we are all taught early on is that dark colours will “minimize” (read hide) our true selves.  Like most rules- there are times to follow and then there are times to colour outside the lines! Check out this article to see I’m right.

I confess. Black helps me showcase my beloved jewelry while hiding my hips! But that doesn’t mean there is no colour in my life.  We curvy gals can wear white – as much as we like, provided we:

  1. Always wear clothes that fit your body regardless of colour. That means clothes that fit properly – not too tight and definitely not so loose that you have no shape at all.
  2. Buy the right design for your body shape (check out my Style Fundamentals for different body shapes for how to do this).

If you follow these two rules you will find that white DOES NOT make you look larger. In fact, you will look fabulous and feel free to wear colours that suit you. Summer is the perfect time to embrace white, either monochromatically or with any colour combination. White looks fresh and crisp. The key to success is to use some of the tips that you will find below.

Classic Black and White Plus Size Dressing

Plus size bl column dressing
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Not ready for all white? Okay, then let’s see how you can introduce white in a way that DOES makes you feel comfortable. One trick to keeping your torso looking slim – keep your base essential pieces dark – in other words wear a black tank with a pant or skirt or if you prefer it could be black dress. THEN add white by layering pieces such as a white jacket, duster, white shirt, white vest, white shawl over your dark essentials.

What length should the layer be? Well, that will depend on your body type. For some it might be the waist length for others it could be hip length or longer. Go to my website for information on how to dress your body type.

Continue to punch it up with white jewelry, scarf, shoes and a bag. Make sure to add texture and interest with your accessories by using patterns such polka dots or stripes. The basic Black and White combo will keep you in your comfort zone as well as effortlessly sophisticated. And you don’t need to be restricted to black – if navy or brown or gray is your favourite. They are all just as classic as black.


Summertime Drama for Plus Size Woman

Plus Size all white summer look
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Biggest fear my clients have in wearing white? White pants. Can a Plus size woman really wear white pants?  Of course, but there are a few things you need to do. First choose a thicker, more substantial fabric for your pants. It will hide all those lumps, bumps and panty lines we don’t want seen that lighter weight fabrics tend to emphasize. If you are in-between sizes go up a size for more ease. Look for high waisted pants and for a straight leg or flare cut. You will look taller and slimmer. Don’t forget to wear flesh tones panties and be mindful of your shoes – go for white, nude or metallics, pointy or open toe to lengthen your legs. These tips will make a big difference to your overall look wearing white pants.







Next, wear a bold top. White looks good with summers brightest shades – coral, fuchsia, orange, chartreuse or turquoise. Pair your white

Plus Size Brights
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pants whether they are jeans, trousers or linens with any of these bold shades. It will draw the eyes upwards and away from the white bottoms. Look for plunging necklines or v-necks and flowy silhouettes. All tricks to flatter your curves.

When wearing white plus size women should avoid bold prints.  For most of us curvy women vertical or diagonal stripping is easier to wear. However, there are times to break some rules. For instance Pear Shapes, like myself, can sometimes use horizontal stripes on our upper torso to help balance our hips. Check out my body type tips for your body shape to learn more.  Polka dots offer a great unconventional option to the usual striped tops.  Large, or small dots – black, white and colour – take your pick. The key is the proportion and placement of the dots. The larger the dot, the fewer there should be and vice versa. Try outfits on, your eye should tell you immediately if its right for you or not.


Monochromatic for the Bold of Heart


This concept is scary for many of us curvy girls but if done correctly can look amazing. Again it is all about the proper fit and proportions of your pieces. A flowy A-line white maxi dress, or a white pencil skirt that skims the body paired with a classic white shirt that is slim but not tight. A white straight leg or flare jean/trouser  with a v neck white t-shirt. Add a duster or cardigan as a layering piece to cover any zones you are still uncomfortable with. Accessorize with bold shades such as the coral shown here or keep it in that monochromatic feel by using pieces that are the same colour intensity – like this lilac duster over the white linen pants and tank.

Fundamental Dressing Principles for Plus Size Women Wearing White

1. A Line Shapes. Aside from the rather fun mixture of stripes and polka dots, this top embodies many of the basics of Plus Size

Plus Size Linen Top w Skirt and Jean jacket
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Dressing. First its shape – it’s a tailored A-line. Many body shapes look best in A-lines, whether they are tops or dresses.

2. Fabric weight. This top is constructed from a stiffer fabric and so it holds its shape well. And this is really a critical point for building your Plus Size wardrobe. In selecting garments make sure that their fabric is not too flimsy or thin. Not only will it not wear well but it also emphasizes our imperfections. When the fabric has some stiffness, it skims the body and those same imperfections!

3. What I really like about this T is the fact there is a darker panel at the bottom (again not drawing attention to the hips). And I love the addition of citrine (yellow -green) done on an angle! I admit this top has a lot going on – but the longer black bubble skirt is the perfect foil – providing the eye a chance to rest.

Plus Size White Jean Jacket

Those of you have been reading some of my other posts  will recognize this jean jacket – although in yellow, coral and now white! The Jean Jacket is a summer staple. It adds warmth for those cooler evenings or air-conditioned offices/restaurants and gives our arms coverage which we all like. It can be thrown over pretty much any outfit – business, casual or evening. This one has great shape, stretch and is comfortable to wear. As with any jacket I always roll up the sleeves to showcase my wrists – which are the slimmest part of my arm and takes the eyes away from my hips. Do you see a pattern here? I’m always trying to draw attention away from my hips – not my best feature.


Accessorize Me!

Bold Plus Size Accessories
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The dab of citrine colour on the t-shirt gives the perfect opportunity to add a pop ofsummer colour to the entire outfit. You know me and colour, I just couldn’t resist. Here I opted to go for a Citrine cotton scarf. It broadcasts fun and draws the eyes upwards. The colour higher up on the neckline allows others to see the pop of colour on the shirt tying the two together. If the scarf feels like it’s too much for you then pick a smaller necklace, preferably in citrine to fill in the neckline of the t-shirt. It would also work beautifully.


Until next time!





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Lynda has worked in various parts of the fashion industry for 40 years- yes that means she is not that young! She has worked with designers, studios, retail and manufacturing companies. But as a Plus Size woman her most rewarding moments has been helping other Plus Size women learn to look their best. Not a clone of someone else’s idea of what a Plus size woman should look like – but their own individual selves. Her blog is intended to help and inspire other women to be as confident as she is – meeting the world every day.

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