It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s time to transition our plus size wardrobe from winter to spring!

With the weather flip flopping between winter storms and spring showers, deciding what to wear gets even more difficult. The good news, of course is that even with the occasional backward slide every now and then Spring is around the corner. I’m excited because even though it’s still cool we can start to swap out our heavy cable knits and puffer coats for lighter weight knits and add back the classic trench or moto jacket. However, before we start talking about creating various plus size outfits, there are few essential styling tips to consider before making the change.

Layer, Layer, Layer

During this time of year temperatures can change by more than 10 degrees during the day with cold mornings and evenings and warmer afternoons. Even with the sun shining it is still cool. How do you deal with this? The key to surviving this transitional period is to layer.

Your plus size outfit begins with Layer #1 – a tank or t shirt followed by a shirt or blouse. Layer #2 – is a lightweight sweater. Layer #3 – you top off the underpinnings with a jacket. Depending on your “style” or where you are going it can be a cardigan, a tailored blazer, or a cool moto look in leather or denim. The final Layer is outerwear.  Maybe you go with a lighter weight trench, wool topper or spring weight puffer.

This is a basic template on how to actually layer.  Strangely enough we know how to do this for our kids! But when you start thinking about fashion and what looks good – Yeah it can get confusing!  Nevertheless it’s up to you to decide what the right balance of layers is for you. If you are anything like me and get overly warm, then feel free to drop a layer or two.

During my career I have met many plus size women who have never bought a heavy winter coat for exactly this reason: they find them stifling hot. Striking the right balance of layers is truly an individual decision. I can hear some of you muttering already – That’s fine for some but how are we supposed to deal with storms, etc? The answer is a different kind of layering. Bring out your shawls or cashmere ponchos ladies for added extra warmth. By the way if jackets of any kind are not your thing, this is a great substitute. I consider ponchos and shawls an essential for us curvy gals. They can be easily added or removed during the day based on temperature. Keep it handy in your closet or at work for easy access.

Balance Textures and FabricsThe goal is to lighten up your plus size look while keeping the various textures in balance. Pair your heavier winter fabrics such as wool, cashmere, knits, and leather with lighter weight fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and chiffon. Sweaters should be smooth rather than chunky in appearance. Cotton and silk are lighter looking and have a smooth texture. Look for looser weave knits. In my Plus size spring neutrals pin you see I have included a silk blouse with a cashmere v-neck sweater over polyester pants topped with a wool trench coat. Here we have the cashmere sweater and wool trench coat for warmth but the trench coat itself in colour and style is a light looking piece for spring. This is what I mean by balancing your textures and fabrics.

Colours and PrintsColours are very impactful, not only on how we look but also on how we feel. Getting out of the Winter blues is easy when you start adding spring shades like blush pink, cream, white, lavender, pale blue, camel or sage. For colour shy Plus size gals it can be nerve wracking. But try taking a small bite of the apple by adding the colour through sweater toppers or jackets or even accessories to our Black/Blue/Gray uniformsPerhaps after a few compliments you might decide to create a new uniform of one of these flattering spring colours! If done well it can still offer you a flattering silhouette. Plus size women should not be afraid of colour. Just do it in increments that feel comfortable for you. Camel, cream or white are great alternative neutral silhouettes for plus size women. Just keep the column in one shade to flatter and lengthen your torso. You can also go for the monochromatic look in any of the spring shades. Embrace your curves and feel confident, you look amazing just the way you are.  As for prints put away the winter patterns such as the buffalo plaids. Replace with florals, polka dots, gingham and this years fashion trend colour blocking. Perfect for plus size women as colour blocking can flatter curves.


Let s now move on to examining five different capsule collections of plus size transitional outfits of winter to spring. 

Plus Size Spring Neutral 1

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Trade out your cable knits for this cashmere v-neck sweater over a satiny cream blouse and dress trouser. Match the contrasting sweater with your ankle boots and two tone bag. The wool trench is warm yet lighter in appearance for spring. This grouping is perfect for work or a night out.

Plus Size Spring Neutral 2

The tan suit and trench keep our beloved column look in place. Add the cream blouse and/or v-neck sweater, one or both

Plus Size Transition Neutral
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whatever is your preference. As above use the boot and bag to compliment the sweater or add the pop of colour in another neutral if you opt for the blouse alone. A classic work outfit.


Plus Size Monochromatic

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Here I’ve gone a little deeper in tone for those of us curvy gals who appreciate the slimming effects of darker palettes. I’ve chosen the monochromatic scheme of cinnamon. The trouser and bodysuit are in two tones of the same colour. I’ve added the sweater coat in a deep golden shade as its of the same intensity as the trouser. The silk scarf ties all the shades together. The ankle boot I’ve matched to the trouser to elongate the leg and torso. The bag matches the boot and contrasts against the sweater coat.This look can take you to any event work or play and can also transition into fall/winter.


Plus sIze Spring Casual

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This plus size look lightens things up by moving to springlike pastel shades. The medium wash black distressed jeans lighten it up from dark black, which is what my normal go to colour is. This works well with the rose and white blazer, t-shirt and sweater. If your preference is to keep the darker black jean that works beautifully as well because the t-shirt brings in the black. I’ve accessorized with rose boots and bag but for the more adventurous you might consider white accessories.


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Plus Size Spring Casual 2

This spring capsule is one of my favourite looks. Lightening up my Jeans from a neutral charcoal grey to white.  The scarf has the grey, white and teal all in the same colour intensity so they blend beautifully.Its clear that this is a wonderful Plus size look!  I’ve added white pointed foot encompassing shoes to elongate your legs. The soft teal bag and jewelry pick up the teal from the scarf. The long grey duster covers all those areas us curvy girls like covered.


Well that’s my take on transitioning your plus size wardrobe from winter to spring. If you follow my styling tips you will be able to transition most pieces in your wardrobe. Remember to layer your pieces for warmth, lighten up your colour palette (and your mood) and finally integrate lighter and heavier weights in your outfits for a perfect transition from winter to spring.

Hope you enjoyed the posts. Be sure to let me know what things you would like me to cover in future blogs. Please remember to subscribe to keep up to date.

Until next time.

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Lynda has worked in various parts of the fashion industry for 40 years- yes that means she is not that young! She has worked with designers, studios, retail and manufacturing companies. But as a Plus Size woman her most rewarding moments has been helping other Plus Size women learn to look their best. Not a clone of someone else’s idea of what a Plus size woman should look like – but their own individual selves. Her blog is intended to help and inspire other women to be as confident as she is – meeting the world every day.

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