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Plus Size Column Base
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Never heard of a column of colour? I’ll bet every plus size woman is doing it! Column dressing is a base outfit in a single colour with a third piece in a contrasting or bold colour. The third piece might be a jacket, cardigan, or even bold accessories for a pop of colour. Extend the column further by matching hose and/or shoes to the skirt or pant.  Extend it upwards by adding a hat or scarf. If you can’t match your shoe wear then opt for a nude colour.

I love this style of dressing for us curvy girls! Why? By wearing one shade head-to-toe you create a taller, thinner silhouette. Consider the visual difference between a white top over a black pant or the same white top with a black duster over top? By adding the black duster, you create a column of colour that elongates your look.

Plus size women often hide behind dark neutrals. They feel black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, eggplant and brown best flatter their curves. No problem, however if you are comfortable wearing lighter shades, or trending colours like lilac, sage, cream or taupe, column dressing works just as well.

3 Ways Plus Size Women Create a Column of Colour

  1. Inner Line of Colour is a monochromatic base with a contrasting topper colour. The column dressing comes from
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    using one shade head -to-toe as your foundation. The base colour of choice for many curvy gals is black. I chose black to showcase the various looks you can create with one set of black essentials: a tank and wide leg pant. But you can do the same with any colour you love.








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2.   Outer Line of Colour is when you wear the same colour on your bottom and the outside top piece. You add a      different colour for the inside column such as a red shirt shown here.









3. Colourful Accessories is a complete monochromatic outfit with bold statement pieces.

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How To Create A Column:

Plus Size Dressing Column
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Column dressing can work with traditional and minimalistic capsule wardrobes. Chose two or three neutral shades as your base. Then use a variation of jackets, sweaters, shawls and cardigans as your coloured layering pieces. You can mix and match to get numerous looks. Pick key accessories such as statement jewelry, scarves, belts, bags and boots to showcase your personal style.

Think wearing all one shade is boring? Then add texture to your outfits!  Combine smooth pieces of silk with textured ones like linen or crochet. Consider adding pattern!  It’s another way to add interest and sophistication to a plus size outfit. Take a look at the textured topper and the other outfit with the animal print jean jacket in the black and grey tones.

Create Variety in Your Plus Size Column Outfits

You can create any mood you desire with a monochromatic foundation. Here are some examples of column dressing with a black base column of colour.

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Go Artistic by ramping up the colour voltage with this Lousje and Bean lime jacket, Zsiska necklace, Italian lime and turquoise scarf and Aldo turquoise bag. I know not for the faint of heart! But so much fun!

Plus size Column dressing casual
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Try a Playful Casual look with this Luukaa black and white crinkle shirt and Frank Ideas felt/rubber necklace.

Plus Size outfit
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Looking for something a little tamer? You can never go wrong with a Forever Classic approach with a Marla Wynn structured jacket and Twoa necklace, perfect for work or dinner out.

Plus Dressing Romantic
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Something for a date night with a special someone or looking for that someone? Be Romantic with a Toni Plus chartreuse/charcoal kimono and the Maska matching vintage beaded necklace

I hope this has inspired you to create your own looks that flatter your curves and make you look taller and slimmer. Feel beautiful and confident knowing you look your best.

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Until Next Time!

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Lynda has worked in various parts of the fashion industry for 40 years- yes that means she is not that young! She has worked with designers, studios, retail and manufacturing companies. But as a Plus Size woman her most rewarding moments has been helping other Plus Size women learn to look their best. Not a clone of someone else’s idea of what a Plus size woman should look like – but their own individual selves. Her blog is intended to help and inspire other women to be as confident as she is – meeting the world every day.

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