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Your Plus Size Fashion Stylist

Have you ever purchased a coat that never quite fit, but wore it anyway? Perhaps you have felt defeated staring at your closet full of clothes and not knowing how to put together outfits that would be flattering? I get it!

My Story

How I Got Started

I am a plus size woman and I have been many sizes throughout my life. I have worked in various parts of the fashion world during my 40 year career. When I was producing fashion shows, my biggest fear was finding the right outfit to wear! Sitting in the front row, right across from top fashion reporters who were dressed in their latest designer wear was intimidating to say the least. To avoid being judged, I often kept my coat on. Judgement is one of my pet peeves and I know that all plus size women have endured it.

I also spent time in retail sales and they turned out to be my most rewarding because I got a chance to dress curvy women like myself.   Empowering women to find their own style for the boardroom or just everyday living became my personal high. That is the feeling I want to recreate with my Blog and with this Site. I know that with the right tips and tools, you can master the art of plus fashion. You can create a closet full of looks that make you feel fashionable, beautiful and confident. The best version of you.

 I think every woman is beautiful. She just needs to know how to maximize her good looks. When we feel beautiful, we are beautiful. What comes from that is confidence that inspires other women like us.

My content is designed to help to you identify your body shape, and your style. I am going to share fashion tips, tools and hacks that the best saleswomen and personal shoppers all use. You will understand the art of dressing curves no matter what your style is.

Photo of Lynda Consultant

Testimonials from My Clients

"Lynda has very unique look of her own, but what is really wonderful is, she helped me find my own. I always feel so well put together when I wear one of the looks she helped me build. .

Bonnie M.

"Dressing and shopping is so much more fun now that I finally understand what to look for and how to buy to flatter me! Lynda was encouraging and specific in helping me identify what I needed in my wardrobe.

Stephanie Rawson

"Learning the basics made all the difference. And then learning how to really use accessories to create a personal look was the icing on the cake. Thanks Lynda ."

Stephanie Shaw

What I Do

Shop your closet, Create your own Capsule Collections, 

First lets go through what you already own in your closet audit. Together, we can create a fundamental core capsule. Identifying your best looks, we can put together a series of Capsule outfits. Then armed with a shopping list of missing essentials you can shop in store or on line for what you really need – not what someone else might want to sell you or whatever you can find because you are feeling desparate. We don’t need to do it all at once. But through a process that hopefully will be fun, you will learn the A, B, C’s of dressing YOUR curves.

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